Sunday, September 26, 2010

Printable Registration Form Now Available

Participants can choose to register online for the 2010 Galloping Gobbler 4 Miler at or by printing and mailing a registration form.

You can download and print out a mailable entry form by clicking here.

The printable entry form allows you to register for the 2010 Galloping Gobbler 4 Miler. It also provides an opportunity to enter any of the three divisions of The HUFF 50K to be held December 18 at the J. Edward Roush Lake in Huntington.

You can find out more information on The HUFF 50K Trail Run by visiting It is one of North America's largest ultramarathons. You can test yourself against time, distance ... and Mother Nature by running the 50K individual run, the 3 Person 50K Relay or the One Loop (10.8) mile run.


Blogger Unknown said...

Is there a minimum time limit for the course?

9:14 PM  

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